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Sex Trafficking – Rarely a Happy Ending


Prostitution, formerly known as “sex for money”, a “victimless crime” and a “vice”, is a billion dollar industry that has less to do with consenting adults and more to do with drugs, gangs, robbery, kidnaping, sexual assault, and homicide. We know that hotels are often where these crimes originate, but the casino provides an abundance of new victims, cash, and a place to make deals of all sorts. This affects the property’s reputation, the integrity of its management, and its bottom line. Understanding the process of exploitation and the associated crimes will make prostitution easier to prevent. We will go through the process of trafficking, the methods they use, and then drill down on the crimes they commit so we can mitigate this scourge that may be more prevalent than you think.

CSP This webinar is a required course for the CSP examination.
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