The Certified Surveillance Professional (CSP) designation is a self-study program. A list of the Domains covered in the CSP exam and recommended study reference materials are listed below.

The IACSP will present webinars and other training opportunities based on the reference materials listed below and other resources as they are made available.

The CSP examination will be held at different locations throughout the US on a quarterly basis and at times will be provided online. CSP members may sit for the examination at a time and place of their choosing.




Advanced Advantage Play Jacobson, Elliot
ASIS General Security
Risk Assessment Guideline (2003)
ASIS Commission on Standards and Guidelines
Card Counting for the Casino Executive Zender, Bill
Casino Game Protection Forte, Steve
Casino Math

Hannum, Robert C.
Cabot, Anthony M.

Casino and Resorts Investigations

Boss, Derk J.
Zajic, Alan W.

Casino Operations Management

Fox, Jim
Kilby, Jim

Casino Security and Gaming Surveillance

Boss, Derk J.
Zajic, Alan W.

Cheating Tells IACSP Best Practices
Conducting Surveillance Audits
in a Gaming Environment
IACSP Best Practice
Emergency Planning and Response IACSP Best Practices
IACSP Code of Ethics IACSP Code of Ethics
Intelligent Network Video

Nilsson, Fredrik

Axis Communication

Investigations ASIS Commission on Standards and Guidelines
Handbook of Loss Prevention and Crime Prevention Lawrence Fennelly
Video Review, Investigation,
and Retention in Gaming Environments
IACSP Best Practice

Domains, Tasks, and Knowledge Declarations

Domain I: Surveillance Tradecraft

Knowledge of:

  • Patrols
  • Camera Set-up and Tri-Shots
  • Audits
  • Close Watches
  • Video Review
  • Evidence Handling and Storage
  • Casino Math

Domain II: Game Protection

Knowledge of:

  • Table Games Protection
  • Slot Protection
  • Sports Book Protection
  • Keno/Bingo Protection
  • Blackjack Basic Strategy
  • Card Counting
  • Money Management Systems
  • Cheating Tells
  • Title 31 Reporting
  • Casino/Gaming Analytics

Domain III: Loss Prevention

Knowledge of:

  • Internal Theft and Fraud
  • Retail Operations

Domain IIII: Video Technology and Analytics

Knowledge of:

  • Understanding the Components of a surveillance system and their integration

Domain V: Investigations and Reporting

Knowledge of:

  • Investigative Techniques and Protocols
  • Reporting and Communication

Domain VI: Emergency Planning and Response

Knowledge of:

  • Emergence Planning
  • Emergency Response

Domain VII: Risk Management

Knowledge of:

  • Common Types of Risk/Liability
  • Deterring Risk/Liability Incidents
  • Investigating and documenting risk management/liability incidents