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Session Detecting Crime Using Casino and Resort Information and Intelligence
Most crime is hidden to prevent it’s detection. Cheaters, advantage players, and crooked employees are often ingenious in their cover-up of a scam. In fact most scams can no longer be detected by cameras alone. Nowadays, uncovering most scams requires a thorough understanding and analysis of applicable business information such as point of sale reports, gaming statistics (win/loss, table win percentages, etc.), and exception reports to name a few.
In this session, we discuss the information and intelligence already available to us and how we can apply that to the detection of existing and developing illicit activity.
We will discuss:
  • Commonly available reports
  • Typical gaming win percentages
  • Exception reporting
  • Case studies of criminal incidents and their detection using information and intelligence
CSP This webinar is a required course for the CSP program.
Timezone Pacific Standard Time (San Francisco, GMT-08:00)


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