The International Association of Certified Surveillance Professionals is currently updating its courses, handbook, and examination, as well as its website.

As a volunteer organization, we desperately need the assistance of our fellow CSP’s to provide the most current information on surveillance trends, best practices, and methodology. We obtain the majority of our material and information from our membership and are calling on our CSP’s, as our most knowledgeable members, for contributions.

As a CSP, it is critical that you maintain your knowledge and skill at the high level required of a surveillance professional, and that you assist and mentor new surveillance personnel in their career, and their pursuit of CSP certification.

As a CSP, you are required to attain ten continuing education units annually.

Education units can be obtained in the following manner:

  • Submit original articles or best practices for IACSP website (2 credits)
  • Attend one IACSP training session (2 credits)
  • Proven attendance at a Surveillance Conference (G2E, WGPC, etc) (2 credits)
  • Develop an original IACSP training session (5 credits)
  • Published original article involving surveillance-related topic (5 credits)
  • Submit 10 questions/answers for the CSP exam (5 credits)
  • Develop and present an original IACSP training session (10 credits)
  • Serve on Board of Directors (10 credits)

Submissions for continuing education credits may be submitted here.

Recertification is due annually on or before January 31 for the previous year.

Please note that you must also maintain IACSP membership to retain your certification. Failure to recertify annually will result in losing distinction and need to retest to become CSP certified.

Please note that submissions are accepted throughout the year so please send your items for recertification today!

Sincerely, The Board of Directors for IACSP