Please follow these instructions if you are looking to renew an existing membership

Start Application

First click on one of the following “Apply Now” buttons

Apply From the Home Page

Apply From The Home Page

Apply From the Membership Page

Apply From The Membership Page

Apply From a Page Side Bar

Apply From a Page Side Bar

Membership Registration

Apply for a FREE user account with, this gets into the public mailing list and access to general notifications and content available to the public, including upcoming events.

Email Confirmations

Upon successful User Registration you will receive two email confirmations:

1) Your account has been successfully created.

2) Your account has been successfully Approved.

If you try and login before your account has been approved, you will receive the following message. Please contact us if your account has not been approved within 7 days.

Membership Application

Next, once your account has been approved, you will login and be directed to the Membership Application.


  1. Your User Account created previously must first be approved.
  2. You can Save and Continue the Membership Application later.

Membership Subscription

Now that you have an active User Account and have completed the Membership Application, the next step is to subscribe to the Standard Membership and complete payment.

1) Complete the Subscription Form

2) Choose a method of payment

3) Confirm the subscription selection

4) Successfully Applied for Membership

Check Payment

If paying by Check, your membership will be activated upon receiving payment.