The IACSP is conducting its first Surveillance Director’s Report. This report will be focused on providing surveillance directors with key strategies, practices, and tactics they can use to better protect their operations.

As a major contributor to the protection of our individual properties, it is time that we have available a resource that is primarily directed at providing the information we need to properly plan and allocate our resources, and to establish a baseline to measure our progress, individually and as an industry against.

As many of you know, such reports are done by other associations such as The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (Report to the Nations) and industry (University of Florida’s Retail Survey). These reports are excellent tools for all of us but are limited in nature as it applies to the needs of a surveillance program. It is our hope that the Surveillance Director’s Report will fill that void.
The Surveillance Director’s Report will consist of identifying and measuring information about the things that are important to surveillance leaders worldwide such as:

  • Types of Cheating, Theft and Advantage Play being used against us
  • Incident Types
  • Frequency of the various types of incidents
  • Where incidents are occurring geographically
  • Where incidents occur within the property
  • Who are committing incidents by type
  • Cost of incidents by type
  • How incidents are detected
  • How incidents are reported
  • Detection rate by property
  • Most effective detection techniques
  • Least effective detection techniques
  • Most effective technology
  • Current and Emerging Trends

I think all of us can see the value of having this type of information available to us all to help us obtain resources, identify new and better techniques, and to compare the effectiveness of our own programs to others.

Of course, the information received will be anonymous. No identifying information will be necessary except for the size of your property and the region it’s located in. The report will also be free to those who participate in the survey.

What we need from you today to get started is to respond with the type of information you’d like to see requested in the survey and/or any other comments you feel are pertinent. 
Please reply byDecember 15, 2020.

As the President of IACSP I am very excited about this report. I think it will serve us well today and for the future. 

Please reply by sending your feedback to

Thank you for your time and attention to this request.